The Karlovy Vary Municipal Library is a publicly accessible universal library. Its goal is to gain, process, store, and provide information, literature, and other cultural values. It provides services to the general public to an appropriate extent, and that at a high-quality, at a fair price, quickly, and effectively. Special emphasis is put on services for children, youth, and students, including social services (services for seniors, for the socially disadvantaged, and for the disabled).

The Karlovy Vary Municipal Library offers these services to its users:

  • a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction titles, new titles per request of the readers
  • only-for-viewing and take-home loans of periodicals and newspapers
  • lectures by interesting people on various issues
  • interlibrary loan services
  • free internet access for registered readers
  • copying, printing from a PC
  • ticket pre-sales for cultural events in the region
  • a wide range of talks for schools
  • contests